Thursday, November 17, 2005

Chicago impressions

Nobody told me it was gonna be COLD in Chicago.

It's pretty, pristine and yes, COLD. It snowed last night, which delayed my flight into O'Hare by two hours. Argh. Thank God Jason has his car already...otherwise i'll be trudging down through snow and commuting to Godknowswhere...

So here i am, typing away on Jason's lovely MAC (ooh, i want one too!) while trying to "make most" of my morning. I've been trying to download a MAC version of Photoshop so i can get going with a project (anybody? help??? please!???) while figuring out what to wear (after all, i came here with "light winter clothes" --- doesn't necessarily tranlate to the appropriate ones :-P) before i step out.


This whole East coast/ midwest trip is somewhat tiring and stressful, i gotta admit. I'm not saying i'm not loving every inch of it, but i do wish that the emotional aspect of this trip can be kept to a minimum. I am going nuts trying to figur emyself out after all these encounters and wondering if i'm losing my mind in the process...

Still, there is hope.

While i try not to reminisce too much of the past, i try to figure out what to do with my "future".

For now i'll just try to figure the warmest yet most stylish clothes i have --- before i freeze to death.


kay said...

i've heard of how incredibly cold the winters are in chicago. (i forget, isn't it called the windy city?)

hope you're doing well, lette. :)

wanderlust junkie said...

thanks kay! i miss new york though. never thought i'd hear myself say that :-P

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